Dear Trumpeteers and Landlords,

Thank you to those who downloaded our newest venture, Donut Trumpet Tycoon. As you can see from our recent Facebook posts that a massive update for Landlord is coming. However, we have sensed a great deal of confusion resulting from a lack of clear communication from us. Therefore, we felt that it was a mistake on our part and we want to make up for it.

First of all we would like to assure you that we are not abandoning Landlord. We are going to develop both of the games and they are going to exist next to each other at the same time.

We would like to share some information about what’s coming up for Landlord in the near future:

New Valuation Scheme

Donut is currently running on a new server system which will be implemented on Landlord as well. The major change is the Economy System which had been reworked. Basically the valuation of every property will depend even more on the popularity among people now. So if we compare two restaurants, the one that is more popular is getting more rent and it will be more valuable as well.

It was a very big challenge for us to implement the adjustment to the old economy this way, so we hope that you will be pleased with the new system. This feature will also fix the whole valuation dropping issue, your properties will not drop value so drastically and immediately after purchase. However, it may still happen!

We couldn’t implement it on Landlord in the first place because we were worried that it may affect current valuations and we would like to make proper preparations for that.

What is around me?

Another big change is the visibility of a nearby location. In the previous version, it was sometimes very random. A lot of players were complaining that they couldn’t find a property that was already purchased at least once. Now, if you are close to a certain property it will always display on the Buy Properties screen.

New user interface

We are currently working on new UI for Landlord as well. We’ve posted a sneak peak on our Facebook page already so you can take a quick look at it now. We have not complete the revamping yet but we are progressing very quickly.  We will invite you to fully test it as soon as it becomes available. Therefore, be on the lookout for details about it soon.

Property offers

In the near future there will be a change in the Property Offers scheme. The new scheme will work out like this:

If Donald wants some percentage of the White House and he sees that Barry owns it. Donald will pay just 1 coin fee to make Barry an offer rather than the 5 it costs now. And If Barry accepts the offer, Barry will pay 10% of the offer price as tax.  

An more efficient Marketplace

Next on the list of changes is our Marketplace. There are going to be changes to the auction system as well. First of all, making bids will cost just 1 coin! That represents a huge saving for your coin balance one every bid made. We hope that you will appreciate it and become more active in the bidding wars!

You will have an option to choose the length of an auction: 6h, 12h, 24h. The coin cost of the action will increase with time, but the first option will cost the same amount of coins as it is now: 5 coins.

You can look forward to all these changes appearing on the horizons soon!

Why Donut trumpet?

The „Real Estate Tycoon” nature of the latest US elections was just too hard to pass up. Therefore, we took it. In business, sometimes, a controversy in the news makes for a good marketing opportunity.

We would like our players to know that we considered all the negative Donut Trumpet reviews. We WILL address every issue as soon as we’ve collected enough data. Please understand that Reality Games is a business and it costs actual money in order to provide you the best entertainment value by keeping the current gamings going as well as creating new games, and to feed our families.

We know that you love Landlord. Therefore, we were a bit confused by bad Donut Trumpet reviews. Although, you are right in that Donut Trumpet is basically Landlord with few changes. That was the whole idea, because we wanted to give new players a chance to become a true Tycoon starting from zero. It is also a chance for you leaderboard guys to prove that you are the best Tycoons in the world for the 2nd time! If you still have any concerns, please contact us at : or

We apologize for any confusion that may have arised in the last few days. We hope that you can understand our position and stay as our loyal players for years to come.

Thank you, and enjoy our games!

Reality Games Team

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