Hello Landlords,

Thank you for making our Back to School promotion a success. The game was mentioned in many popular publications this summer on the heels of the popularity of Pokemon Go. Location based games has gone from a niche genre to a mainstream one.

We would like to announce the latest updates on Android:

  • Added Coins Earning functionality that allows you to watch video ads for coins. (Players might experience a delay of a few minutes between the watching of the videos and when the coins appear on their dashboards) 
  • Added a 200 coin bundle to the bank.
  • Changed the info displayed in the portfolio while the property is listed on the marketplace.
  • Fixed display bug on the portfolio screen.
  • Fixed display bug on the announcements screen.
  • Fixed a few minor bugs.
  • Updated translations

In a few days, Reality Games will have a major announcement about something very exciting. You are going to want to hear this! So stay tuned! Thank you again for playing our groundbreaking game. We are always trying to find ways to maximize your gaming pleasure.


The Landlord Team

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