Investing in Lands

Dear Landlords,

We have taken for consideration your feedback regarded to the most common issues:

  • facing difficulty with purchasing new expensive properties that are not close to your GPS position
  • More action on the higher levels
  • too slow progression on the leaderboard
  • There are not many expensive properties to buy without coins


We would like to share with you on what we are currently working on. Because it is very complex – we need you to help us choose right directions that is why you will find a survey request at the end of this post – please give us a feedback.


What to expect?

  • You will see the new feature called BUY LAND.
  • The world will be divided in few billions squares – each will have from 100-1000m2.  
  • The land will not generate costs & rent and will not have any shares.
  • You will get new valuable content available to purchase near your location.
  • It will be available to buy for Cash or for Coins.
  • More interaction and strategy to increase higher dynamic movement on the Leaderboard
  • Much more options to level up


How system works?

After 2 years of fighting with never ending inflation, and about 42 economy systems that were tested, we had always a problem how to valuate Land in several world locations. Big Data, Geo location is great, but they are not working on the same level in all locations. For example you have more FSQ users in Turkey than in entire Europe, so checkins are not the greatest piece of data. Facebook and Google are not happy to share their data about specific locations, so we have looked deeper, and we believe that finally we have a something that will work fairly well.

We call it – From Dusk Till Dawn Land Valuation System™.


It’s based on the light – specifically on the light that Earth shows during the night. A system is providing light in 1000 levels for over 4 Billions different locations. Basically each fragment of the terrain on the globe has a different light pollution ratio during the night. This basic value will be increased by national and local economy specifics like gross domestic product, number of properties, value of the properties, and about 11 more KPI’s that we keep secret to let your game be more attractive. In majority of the cases it will be related with the high urbanisation level.


Simple start

We are adding additional button BUY LAND in the app menu bar.

Map will be showing only LAND properties, every square will have individual valuation based on the From Dusk Till Dawn Land Valuation System.


Return from Investment

System will be ready for bigger players, who will have opportunity to growth their land ownership and became a Mayor of the City and have the possibility to decide about bonus rent for particular categories inside your influence.

If all surrounding squares of land are in the possession of the one player the land in the middle will increase its previous value.

The square value will increase much further when a player collects more lands.

Valuation Growth of land.

There will be place for more aggressive strategies. For example, purchase land near to other players own land and expect them to give you an offer that you can’t refuse.


Coming when it’s done. 😉

There are thousands of you who play Landlord for more than two years – we need your feedback on few matters. Please share with us your opinion in this quick survey: