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Frequently Asked Questions

General Gameplay

  • Q. What is the objective of the game?

    Landlord turns the whole world into a board game, letting you buy and sell real world venues. The objective is to become the richest tycoon and grow your empire into a global phenomenon. Trade your properties, invest your money and compete with other players. Become the best in your city, country or even in the whole world!

  • Q. How do I build my empire?

    You can raise the value of your empire by buying new properties. The more expensive properties you buy, the more valuable your empire becomes. You can buy new properties, by clicking on 'Buy Properties' in the menu. This will load a list of nearby properties – the list is based on your location, so changing your location will cause new venues to appear! However, you can only buy properties near your current location. You can buy between 0.1% and 100% of each venue. Once 100% of shares for a property is bought, you can acquire them only by making an offer to one of the owners. Go on and start building your empire!

  • Q. How do I earn money?

    Choose one of the properties around you and buy it. From this moment, each time someone visits it in the real world, he’ll leave a digital footprint, causing you to earn in-game rent. But be careful! Each property is generating costs you’ll need to cover. You can also earn money on selling your properties. Remember that selling to the bank will require you to pay 20% tax and on the Marketplace – 10% tax!

  • Q. How do I level up?

    Your level is increased depending on the sum of values of your properties. Don’t worry, if you’ll sell some of your properties, your level won't go down.. You can find amount needed to reach next level on your dashboard.

  • Q. What’s a paperwork?

    Paperwork starts immediately after you buy a property – during this time your lawyers are working on the legal part of your transaction. Before they are done, your property won’t bring you any money, but you still need to pay its costs! If you wish you can always finish the paperwork instantly, using coins.

  • Q. What happens if I don't play for a while?

    If you don’t play for 28 days straight, the game will slowly start selling your venues. They will be put on the Marketplace at rate 10% per day per property. Therefore after 10 days your whole portfolio will be sold out. Logging in even once during this time stops the whole process.

Properties & Rent

  • Q. How are property prices calculated?

    Price for each venue is based on its the category, size and expected on the number of check-ins. The bigger the popularity of this particular property, the bigger the gain.

  • Q. How do property prices change?

    Approximately every 24 hours the value of every property is calculated anew and can change based on how its popularity has grown or decreased.

  • Q. If someone hasn't got Landlord, but checks-in to a property I own, do I get money for it?

    Yes! Landlord utilises various sources of data, so you’ll get your rent, no matter if the user is a player of Landlord or not!

  • Q. What's a cash limit?

    Cash limit says what's the maximum amount of money you can have on a given level. The higher level, the higher the limit. You can temporarily have more money than your limit if you sell a property on the Marketplace or through private offer. In such situation you will not be able to collect any rent (while still paying costs), unless you spend some of your money.

Cash and Coins

  • Q. What is the difference between cash and coins?

    Coins is second type of currency, different from cash. Cash is used to buy new properties and both rent and costs are paid in cash. Coins can be used to purchase Special Venues, upgrade your properties, buy skills and complete the paperwork immediately.

  • Q. How do I get coins?

    You can get coins in following ways: - get coins by levelling up, - purchase coins from the bank, - earn coins by watching ads, - receive coins for inviting friends to join the game.


    Special Venues are very famous and popular places. In many cases, those properties are giving the highest rent in the game. Like cities, Special Venues require coins to be bought.

Upgrades & Skills

  • Q. What are upgrades?

    Upgrades can be bought for the properties you own to increase the amount of rent given. Upgrades are specific to the category of property. For example, you can't buy a pub quiz item for a football stadium!

  • Q. If I buy upgrades, do I receive the coins back when I sell the property?

    No. Coins used to apply upgrades will not be returned when the property is sold..

  • Q. What are skills? What can they be used for?

    Think of skills as power-ups. Each skills provides a specific benefit to you. You can have a maximum of 50 skill points for each category.

  • Q. Tycoon

    Each tycoon skill point gives you additional 10 property slots. You start the game with 1 skill point which gives you portfolio space for 10 properties.

  • Q. Lawyer

    Each lawyer skill point allows you to have 1 property with the paperwork being completed by the lawyers. You start the game with 1 point.

  • Q. Innovator

    Each innovator skill point will reduce costs for all of your properties by 1%.

  • Q. Landlord

    Each landlord skill point will boost rent for all of your properties by 1%.

  • Q. Accountant

    Each accountant skill point will reduce the purchase tax for all of your properties by 0.1%. Property tax starts at 10%, the first accountant point you buy will reduce it to 9.9%, the second one 9.8%, and so on.

  • Q. Speculator

    Each speculator skill point will boost your property valuations by 1%. The price you pay for new properties will not increase, only the valuations.


  • Q. What is the Marketplace?

    The Marketplace shows properties that players have decided to sell to other players, instead of selling them back to the bank. There you can find properties from all over the world, but only if their owner will put them on the Marketplace.

  • Q. How do I list my property for sale on the Marketplace?

    Open Property Card of the venue you want to sell from Portfolio and select 'List on the Marketplace”. Soon after the auction of your property will start.

  • Q. How do I buy a property on the Marketplace?

    When a property is listed on the Marketplace, anyone can make a bid. Each bid postpone will the deadline for 5 minutes. At the end of the auction the player who has bid the biggest amount will be the one to buy it from the selling player.

  • Q. Do I have to offer market value?

    Yes, the first bid has to be the market value or more. All latter bids have to be higher than the previous one.

Property Offers

  • Q. What are property offers?

    Every player can make an offer for a property that another player owns. This way, even if some property is completely sold out, players still can acquire it by trading with others. Players can accept or refuse the offer. If they won’t, the offer will expire after a week. The price offered cannot be smaller than 80% of initial price of the property.

  • Q. How do I make an offer?

    You can find out who owns a venue by clicking on 'view shareholders' in the Buy Properties screen or from your Portfolio. Click the player you want to trade with to will bring up the offer screen. There you can set the amount of shares you’d like to buy and the amount you’re willing to pay for it.

  • Q. Do I have to offer market value?

    Unlike on the Marketplace, the offer doesn’t need to be equal to the initial value of the property. However you cannot propose less than 80% of the market value.

  • Q. What is the difference between Property Offers and the Marketplace?

    You can make an offer for any property you’ll find on ‘Buy Properties’ screen, no matter if the owner is willingly to sell it on not. If a property shows up on the Marketplace, it means that it’s owner has decided to sell it, however you’ll have to compete with other players in order to obtain it.

Guest account & registration

  • Q. What is a Guest account?

    If you choose at the beginning of the game not to register, you’ll be playing as a Guest. The Guest account is fully functional and allows you to play the game normally. The only restricted function is making offers to other players. However please remember, that the Guest account has no login method, so if you’ll log off you won’t be able to login back again. It is highly advisable to register using Facebook, Foursquare, Google+ so you won’t lose your data in case of emergency.

  • Q. Why should I register? What are the benefits?

    A registered user not only receives his name and avatar, but also gets his progress protected. If you play as a Guest, you can easily lose your data, if the application is corrupted or you lose your device. Once you register, your empire is safely stored, so you can access it wherever and whenever you wish. You also can access all functionalities not available for Guests.

  • Q. How can I register after playing as a Guest?

    After 30 days of playing as Guest, the game will ask you how would you like to login. You will have 3 options to choose then (Facebook, Foursquare, Google+). Don't worry, you won't lose your progress, the game will transfer all the data from your Guest account to your new account.

  • Q. I lost my Guest account! What can I do?

    As a solution we may offer you a transfer of your progress to another account of your choice. We'll send you cash worth of total empire value, from your previous account. Please create a new account. After this we will need: - a screenshot of the dashboard of your new account - information of what level you had - if you purchase any coins, screenshots of your digital receipt. Please send those things to us and we’ll restore your account

Common problems

  • Q. I get no rent! Why?

    It is possible that you’ve exceeded your cash limit. Buy new properties to make some free space in your cash tank and to rent should start flowing. If this isn’t the case, please make a screenshot of the property and send it to our customer support. It is possible that this is caused by a change in services providing us data about venues popularity.

  • Q. I have negative cash balance! Why?

    Remember that each time you’re buying a property, the paperwork starts. During this time the property won’t give you any rent, but you still need pay costs. If costs are really high, you can get in debt. But don’t worry, after the paperwork is done, the property will start bringing money normally, so you should be able to earn your money back soon.

  • Q. I purchased coins, but never got them! What can I do?

    Please make a screenshot of your digital receipts and send them to us. We send you back the missing coins.

  • Q. Every time I’m trying to buy a venue I’m gettin the following error: "You have mock location functionality enabled. Please disable it."

    GPS location faking is not allowed. To get rid of the alert, do the following: - for devices using Android version 4.2.2 Jelly Bean or older - go to Settings -> Developer options -> Turn off Allow mock locations - for devices using Android version 4.3 Jelly Bean (API level 18) or newer - disable any third party location mocking applications. If the problem still persists please restart your device.



    Each property has its own trend, depending on real life popularity. It may increase or decrease property valuation even up to 50%.


If there is no green or red arrow on the property icon - it means that the valuation will remain unchanged.


No. Countries, cities and villages will not be affected by this feature as the check-in count does not differ comparing to every day.


    There is no guarantee that the valuation will get back to its basic value, so be careful! Check the property trend every day or you might loose a lot of your empire value.