This week, we are starting a new initiative. It’s called Landlord Local Heroes. A few months ago we sent out an email about it and we had a good amount of responses. Finally, we have 14 countries participating in the first ever iteration of Landlord Local Heroes. More on that later.

What is this Landlord Local Heroes you ask? Players of Landlord Real Estate Tycoon are an international brotherhood and sisterhood of mobile gaming enthusiasts who have an interest in real estate. Part of the reason that you found out about the game is because we localized the game so it was easier for you to understand it. And we want to extend that localization to the social media part of our operations.

Players from many countries have volunteered their time to help us administer the Official Landlord Fanpage in their home country. They will also be informing you about some of the country specific promotions because of some local national holidays. We had been doing only international holidays, but now more holidays will be included. They will also be posting some information in their local language so it is easier for players who aren’t so fluent in English to get our messages.

We feel that Landlord Local Heroes will raise awareness of the game in many local markets of various languages and cultures. If you don’t see your country represented in the list and you would like to include your country and you or someone you know can serve as a volunteer as the Local Hero, please don’t hesitate to contact us at promo@landlordgame.com.

Being an admin of a fan page of anything is a lot of work so we really appreciate the help of our Local Heroes. But be aware that they cannot give you coins nor can they solve your technical problems with Landlord.  So let’s give them a round of applause.

If you see your country below, please click on it and give the country fan page a like. Make sure you tell your friends about it.

Our first group of Landlord Local Heroes:

DavidCzech Republic
JaeSouth Korea

Tom                          Poland

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