Dear landlords,

I hope you are rich and well. 🙂

My name is Olivier Landlord, and I am the head of Ministry of Economy in the Game.

I am very excited to share some great news with you. We have just developed new release of Landlord game, which will be launched today! The app will be available for Android as well. We strongly believe that in the nearest future there will be more than 100 000 Landlords, so there will be more fun and competition!
However, taking into account that each player on the average owns 25 venues, 40 000 players can buy out 1 million venues. We are getting closer to this number – and it looks like “the world is not enough”, and we have to think about the future, to make sure that there are still properties to buy!

So that is why we have made significant improvements in the Game Economy.

  • We have created real life valuations for all properties. There are more interesting (and profitable) things to buy. This will require changing (rising in most cases) valuations of already owned places on fixed minimum price.
    So a bus stop will cost $10,000, a fancy restaurant will be around $2,000,000, and a famous football stadium will cost at least $750,000,000. Higher valuation will be based on property popularity on Foursquare, Facebook and other digital sources.
    What’s important, valuations of venues already owned by you will not change, unless you sell it to the bank. Your empire value will stay on the current level, only prices of venues without any owner can change.
  • We have introduced cash limits. This is simply maximum amount of cash a player can have on a given level. For example on 2nd level the cash limit will be $80,000, on the 12th $1,100,000. This limit will be higher on higher levels. Levelling up depends on the value of your properties. Be aware that if you reach your limit, the cash tank will reduce your rent. To protect yourself from that, simply buy some venue, so your money goes below the threshold.
    It may happen that you will exceed the limit – for example by getting money from a chance card or selling a property. In such a situation your revenue will be negative (no rent, just costs calculated) until your money level reaches cash tank limit.
  • We will be moving all properties for auctions in Marketplace which were owned by inactive players (over 28 days). Marketplace offers will be listed for 6h instead of 24.  Placing a bid on an auction postpones it’s deadline for 5 minutes.
  • You will get coins for levelling up. The higher level, the more coins.
  • There’s going to be lottery each day and you will be able to win some (in-game) cash.
  • We have seriously consider all you feedback, and eliminated 99% of bugs which were reported.
  • The app is now in almost 50 languages!

I’m sure all this improvements will make the game even more fun for you and future players.


Kind regards,
Olivier Landlord
Head of Ministry of Economy