Hello Landlords,

As you know, we are constantly in the process of making Landlord Real Estate Tycoon a better source of entertainment for you. Because of this, we issue updates periodically to enrich your user experience. Today, we are issuing a whopper! Both IOS and Android versions of the game are being updated.

We would like to highlight these three changes to the game:

– Fixed the display price issues that was affecting some of the cities (Android)

– Fixed the property offers tab – it won’t stuck after receiving a large offer

– Fixed maximum allowed bid on the marketplace

The full list of fixes and changes can be found below:


  • Correct displaying of portfolio on iPads
  • Info about accepting offer from someone who reached portfolio limit
  • Redirect to property card after buying upgrades
  • Fixing errors on the offer
  • Wrong date in announcements


  • Added notifications
  • Added an indicator of being overbid in the marketplace
  • Changed the length of the paperwork
  • Changed the search mechanism on the marketplace and buy property
  • Fixed a bug that caused prices that were exceeding 2^31 were displaying incorrectly as 2^31
  • Fixed some layout bugs
  • Fixed a bug that caused number input fields being unable to remove last digit
  • Fixed timers sometimes hanging or displaying time incorrectly
  • Fixed a bug that caused links in announcements not being clickable”

We are always happy to hear your feedback. We want to thank you, the players, for your continued engagement in our game. We are planning something truly revolutionary in the coming months. Please stay tuned to our announcements.

Best Regards,

The Landlord Team

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