This weekend sets the starting point for the Halloween fever! The festivity of the dead may not sound very pleasant, but only positive things await you in Landlord Tycoon. As a start – 50 coins for free for everyone!

But this humble gift is obviously not everything. The main dish will be our 50% more coins campaign. It is always a good moment to acquire at least a handful (or more!) of coins to have them ready for an expansion. Coins are not vital for your empire, because our policy is to keep Landlord in a model opposing the pay to win policy, but they can certainly help you to speed up the process of expansion or get things, that may be unreachable if you’re not having a substantial coin number, that you saved up from the beginning of the game. These extraordinary places ore mostly cities or special venues. You may think – „yeah, it’s impossible to buy these places or be high up on the leaderboard if I don’t have a lot of cheese”. Well, this may seem true at first, but let us share an insight with you – the player with the highest level in Landlord – who achieved level 53 – never bought any coins!

On these festive days we’ve also prepared a boost for cemetery visitors. The final resting places of the dead will definitely bring you more income since there will be a lot of visitors. But we want to go even further and DOUBLE this already naturally boosted number! It will be highly profitable to own cemeteries for the next week, that we can promise you!

We believe that this Halloween will be able to kick start your empire again and provide you with all the necessary tools to become a leading Landlord who bathes in money and coins! Stay tuned on Facebook to be getting all the crucial information – you’ll find a link at the top of the page. In the following weeks you can expect some totally new weekend promotions, so this should give you a definite reason to like our Facebook page!

So, there is only one thing left to say… Happy Halloween!