Landlords! Thanks to your quick reaction we’ve been able to fight a worrying plague – fake properties. Our recent changes will prevent these outrageous acts of vandalism in the future.

As a result we’ve decided to drop support for all unverified properties on Foursquare. We are strongly recommending to stop purchasing obviously fake properties and if you’ve acquired them already, we encourage you to sell then as quick as possible. You can still add properties but they will appear in the game once they’re verified on Foursquare. This process of database cleaning may take up to several weeks, but will solve with this issue for good.

We would also like to point out that purchasing in game money from other players is illegal and players connected to this activity will be banned immediately (buyers and sellers). We’ve received a lot of complains from players, who tried to acquire in-game currencies or places from unknown individuals and despite paying – never received anything. Our strong standpoint is dictated by the need to defend our users. Should you get any shady offers from other players – please, let us know as soon as you can at

We’re certain that these actions will increase your playing satisfaction. Thank you for you continuous support and understanding!